Learn how to care for your jewelry


Jewelry needs to be taken care of at all times. SC Created jewelry is made from sterling silver and 18k gold.
At home, you can easily get rid of dirt and grease with a soft brush and soapy water. Silver tarnishes at times and that can
be cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth. Every SC Created jewelry piece comes with a small polishing cloth, but if you have
a collection of jewelry or silverware, invest in a good quality impregnated polishing cloth. These come pre- loaded with polishing compound. Pieces without stones can be cleaned with commercially available jewelry solutions from local jewelry shops- please be aware that jewelry with stones should not always be immersed in such solutions.
Consult with your jeweler first.
If you would like a more thorough cleaning done, take your piece to a professional for a complete cleaning.
Also note that pieces with soft gemstones or pearls can be very sensitive. Things to avoid are getting lotion on them, perfumes, chemicals and scratching. It is advisable to take off jewelry when doing house chores or going to bed at night. Pearls should always be taken off directly after wear. This way there is a lesser risk of getting the jewelry damaged.
This type of pieces can be cleaned at home with a new soft make up brush and soapy water.


SC Created jewelry comes in a stylish custom box suitable for storing your piece with a polishing cloth and an anti-tarnish strip. The strip can also be transferred into a jewelry box or bag and it lasts for six months, up to a year in a sealed environment. Remember not to pile up your jewelry when storing. Have them nicely laid out in their proper places to avoid scratching and marring.
Love your jewelry and it will love you back!