Jewelry with a conscious 


We are exited to share with you that SC Created has formed a new partnership with Gem Legacy as a way to giving back to the mining communities of East Africa. 100% of the donations made through the jewelry that you purchase from SC Created return directly to the people who are a critical part of this industry.

Gem Legacy

Gem Legacy is a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting the economies and families of East Africa´s colored gemstone mining communities. They take responsibility in providing tools and food for artisan miners, scholarships for children, teacher housing, gemological training among others and lately, made a huge impact with their COVID-19 relief efforts. 

You Buy, You Help

When you buy a piece of jewelry from SC Created, a portion of the sum you spend goes directly to supporting education within children and adults, vocational training and entrepreneurship. Building stronger and healthier communities in
East Africa.